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Honey & Clover

Honey and Clover
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Hi. I'm cultnirvana, the moderator of this Honey & Clover community. If you wish to contact me in relation to this comm, you can find my email address on my personal LJ page.


Honey & Clover is a slice-of-life, comic shoujo anime based around the experiences of a couple of art college students. Broadcast in Fuji TV’s new late night slot, Noitamina, aimed towards teenage+ girls, it is an adaptation of the Chika Umino manga. The manga-ka also does character supervision and clothing cooperation for the anime.

Yuuta, Takumi and Morita live in a small apartment together, trying to make their way through school despite little to no finances. When a cute, though diminutive, 18-year-old genius artist, Hagu, arrives, their already hectic lives are thrown upside-down.



- Introductory posts are allowed, but please tell us a little about why you enjoy the anime, not just personal information.

- Please put all spoilers behind a LJ cut (if you don’t know how, go here).

- Be nice to other members! Discussion is encouraged, but do not flame people, especially over issues such as shipping.

- All pairings are accepted, whether they be hetero, shoujo-ai or shounen-ai.

- Please check the memories before posting in case your questions/requests/etc. can be satisfied there.

- Please do not ask for English torrent links. All releases by all fansubbing groups working on the anime can be found at AnimeSuki. If you are looking for subs in languages other than English, feel free to post.

- Only advertising for communities directly related to H&C are allowed.


- When posting icons, please LJ cut if you have more than three, and make sure that all icons are usable on LJ (100x100 and smaller than 40KB).

- All wallpapers must be put behind a LJ cut.

- When posting fanfiction, please use the following:
Rating (all ratings accepted):
Pairing (if applicable):
Genre(s) :

All content aside from this (i.e. the actual story) must be put behind a cut.

- Fanart should be placed behind a LJ cut. Please make sure to give a rating to your fanart, and if it is not worksafe, make sure to say so, with bold CAPITIALS if necessary! If you have a small preview, you can include that without cutting as long as it is less than 200pixels in width and has a rating of G or PG.


Every two weeks the community will be given a theme to base their icons around; this theme can really be anything the mod(s) can come up with. Members of the comm will then have a week to design an icon that suits the theme.

- Each member can submit TWO icons per contest.
- Only official art, screenshots, etc. can be used. No doujinshi/fanart/cosplay.
- If a submitted icon is found to be the creation of someone else, you will be banned from future contests.
- All icons must comply to LJ restrictions: 100x100 or less; 40kb or smaller; jpg/gif/png format.
- Credit must be given for resources used (brushes, lyrics, bases and such).

How it All Works
Every alternate Friday night, a post will be made by a moderator, informing the comm of what theme has been chosen. From then and until midnight GMT (1am Paris Time; 7pm EST; 4pm PST) the following Friday, members can post their responses to the challenge.

Icons should be posted as a comment under the theme announcement post. (If you need somewhere to host your icons, you can get a free account at Photobucket.) These comments will all be screened so as not to give anyone an unfair advantage.

Once the contest time runs out, a moderator will make another post containing all the icons in the running. This will be the first time the community at large will be able to see other people's icons, and the icons will be posted anonymously, for fairness.

On this icon post, members of the community will be able to vote for their favourite icons (and as the moderators will know who created each icon, there will be no voting for yourself). These votes will be screened until the voting period is over. Your vote should appear as follows:

First = 12 <------ icon number
Second = 3
Third = 7

A First vote counts as 3 points; Second counts as 2 points; and Third counts as 1 point.

Voting will end at midnight GMT (7pm EST; 4pm PST) Sunday. This gives members two days to make their vote count. Once the votes are tallied, the winners will be declared and they will receive banner awards for their work.

Current Contest
Icon Contest #1: Letting Go

Important Links
- Complete RAWs
- Complete Subs